The Emerald Coast and Miramar Beach

Lets talk a little bit about Florida and 2 special places in particular. They became part of holiday file of many families, with the clean waters and the white sand.

Emerald Coast, Florida

The Emerald Coast is a coastal area in the state of Florida, US. It lies on the Gulf of Mexico, which stretches across five counties – Panama City, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton and Escambia. The term Emerald Coast is believed to have been coined in 1983 and since then it has been expanded. Today it is used to cover the whole northwest coast of Florida. It is regarded as the home of the most beautiful beaches in the world and a friendly environment in Florida.

Some of the amazing features of this coastal area are the green waters and the white beach sand. The sand is so white and incredible. The look of the environment in the whoel area is so natural and beautiful.

The Emerald Coast beaches are the whitest due to the so white sand present and are also very clean to an extent of making them among the cleanest in the world. The green waters provide a contrast with the sand below and the blue sky above. The sand dunes that have been formed along the coastal line protect the area from the frequent severe damage that is caused by strong waves and storm winds. These sand dunes are normally formed up when the sand is pile up. This also gives an environment for the sea oats to grow and prevent the effect of soil erosion.

Miramar Beach, Walton County

Miramar beach is located in the Walton County, Florida. The total area of the beach is 12.2 square kilometerswhere 11.9 of them is land while 0.3 are covered by water. It is located in the neighbourhood that brings the feeling of surf shops, fabulous restaurants, beach side resorts or in short the feeling of classic coastal enclaves with good view of the Gulf of Mexico.

As per the year 2000 census, this beach had a population of 2,436. This is a good number that makes it very good for tourism. There is no congestion to an extent of bringing any kind of discomfort to those that tour the place. The beach has classic amenities that allow family-friendly activities like fishing, golf, shopping, etc. When it comes to all sorts of recreation, there are plenty to do in Miramar Beach.

Many people asked us, how to get to Miramar from Destin. We think that the best thing to do is to either rent a car or get a local taxi, which is even better. The local taxi companie will get to the best places available, you will just enjoy the ride.

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