6 things you should know about every traveller – Part Two

We continue with our tips which every traveller should follow

4. Toilet paper in many countries

I meet plenty of people on the go, the prick out about the fact that you do not dispose of anywhere in the world toilet paper in the toilet. I would almost say there are few countries in which the tubes are so good that it works fine, as those in which the drainage system simply does not follow.

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How fortunate that we Westerners but mostly informed by signs on what to do.

Fun Fact: For me it happens anyway getting back in the first few days that I throw toilet paper into the toilet. Automatisms are hard to break!
5. How does it work with the tip

The running namely is somehow always different in each country. Because it helps, sometimes just read in the travel guide of your choice, such as the local customs are – whether in the restaurant, in a taxi, at the hairdresser etc. I myself come to me always a little stupid when I realize in retrospect that I have left are far too much or far too little on the table. In some countries is much, given little or no tip – often called a “fine line” that exist to deal with the daily business of a traveller!

6. How important is travel insurance

Oops, the aspect I would namely almost forgot this time – and earlier still thought of it a day! Because you never know just simply what happens. Because even I always go on the safe side. A little sloppy but I am currently with my vaccinations, as I know that is not the degree if everything is up to date (Warning : Do not imitate).

The then belongs in the category of “Important Things can grind negligent because too much on the go.”

More about travel insurance I have recently written together by the way here.

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