6 things you should know about every traveller

I am now jumping on the plane to Nicaragua. If you’re reading this today, I’m already there. Me a few scattered things are shot in the head before departure, which – as I then recognized – are important to me as a traveler. In addition, I still have a few more to came, I simply would like to pass, because I think that everyone should know it. And so I write them down now, in the hope that they will help you!

1. Exchange rate before arrival

To me it’s already happened a few times that in a new country at the ATM I am after arriving at the airport and no idea have what amount in the local currency should I take off – because I just did not know how much 1 euro is even worth. It is smart, you will take precautions and be informed before travel, using the exchange rate. If nowadays also quite easy with a smartphone app, such as XE Currency.
2. In which country can you drink tap water

In many countries an absolute health taboo in many others but absolutely no problem drinking water from the tap. I have eternally long been bought in some countries plastic water bottles just to find out that the tap water is perfectly safe to drink on site.

In Nicaragua, I would not suggest that ;)

When you go out, it would be better if you have thought about cleaning your house first.
3. “Thanks” and “No” in the local language

This time I got lucky: Spanish I’ve more or less it. But I would, for example, fly to Tanzania, I would previously seek out a few key words and phrases and write it down. “Thanks” and “No” are pretty much the two most important, arriving always well received by the locals. Of course, the whole very upgradeable and the more basics are the better.

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