How to Find the Best Hunting Agency in Bulgaria

Hunting can be a hobby for hundreds of thousands of people in Europe, but to be fulfilled, it must be done in a very well-prepared environment. In this sense, if you are interested in hunting in southeast Europe, with this text we give you a joker how to recognize the Best Hunting Agency in Bulgaria.

You can recognize a good hunting company based on its prestigious location of the main office and the way it is advertised to people. On the Internet, you can easily distinguish a good content website with a wide range of hunting services. This may be the first sign which shows that you are on the right track.

Services are a keyword. The wide variety of services that support the equipment, gear, dogs, trainings, and so on, will tell you the about the agency’s intentions. The higher the number of created conveniences, the better this is for hunters. If you miss something you can buy it on the spot, the same goes for the weapons.

Best Hunting Agency in Bulgaria is one that is totally familiar with the state laws, requirements, directives, etc. This is very important information because every member of the organized hunting trip has been pre-instructed and protected by law. They know that the agency has taken care of everything and now is the right time for hunting for their prey.

The Agency should take care of the indications that should help hunters recognize each other without hindrance, but also – to retain some kind of stash against wildlife. During hunting, safety is an extremely important factor, and when there are a lot of inexperienced hunters on the ground, the agency must anticipate and respond to all possible scenarios. This can only be done by experienced agencies with many organized hunting races in their portfolio.

Long before you order your hunting adventure, the best hunting agency has taken care of everything you can think of. The topographic maps, the aerial surveys, the scientific data from the last hunting season were taken into consideration. Meetings with other hunting and forestry businesses, fishermen, woodcutters, and anyone who may be in the woods during the hunting season are done.

When you have such information available in advance, you can recognize the best hunting agency in Bulgaria. So take some time for a personal study, read, review, and check… time to hunt!

The Emerald Coast and Miramar Beach

Lets talk a little bit about Florida and 2 special places in particular. They became part of holiday file of many families, with the clean waters and the white sand.

Emerald Coast, Florida

The Emerald Coast is a coastal area in the state of Florida, US. It lies on the Gulf of Mexico, which stretches across five counties – Panama City, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton and Escambia. The term Emerald Coast is believed to have been coined in 1983 and since then it has been expanded. Today it is used to cover the whole northwest coast of Florida. It is regarded as the home of the most beautiful beaches in the world and a friendly environment in Florida.

Some of the amazing features of this coastal area are the green waters and the white beach sand. The sand is so white and incredible. The look of the environment in the whoel area is so natural and beautiful.

The Emerald Coast beaches are the whitest due to the so white sand present and are also very clean to an extent of making them among the cleanest in the world. The green waters provide a contrast with the sand below and the blue sky above. The sand dunes that have been formed along the coastal line protect the area from the frequent severe damage that is caused by strong waves and storm winds. These sand dunes are normally formed up when the sand is pile up. This also gives an environment for the sea oats to grow and prevent the effect of soil erosion.

Miramar Beach, Walton County

Miramar beach is located in the Walton County, Florida. The total area of the beach is 12.2 square kilometerswhere 11.9 of them is land while 0.3 are covered by water. It is located in the neighbourhood that brings the feeling of surf shops, fabulous restaurants, beach side resorts or in short the feeling of classic coastal enclaves with good view of the Gulf of Mexico.

As per the year 2000 census, this beach had a population of 2,436. This is a good number that makes it very good for tourism. There is no congestion to an extent of bringing any kind of discomfort to those that tour the place. The beach has classic amenities that allow family-friendly activities like fishing, golf, shopping, etc. When it comes to all sorts of recreation, there are plenty to do in Miramar Beach.

Many people asked us, how to get to Miramar from Destin. We think that the best thing to do is to either rent a car or get a local taxi, which is even better. The local taxi companie will get to the best places available, you will just enjoy the ride.

What kind of world travel are you looking for?

You also want to travel to Israel?

Here are a few general tips :
1. Israel is not cheap!

I was quite surprised how expensive the country is!

Prices move in a European context. But hostels there to be sufficient in larger and more touristy places and cook yourself offers itself to save money. As a daily budget I’d probably around 40-50 euros schedule (when shopping in the supermarket and cook yourself).

Take a look on this interesting options for travel –

For us it was a bit more expensive, but we were not mega-budget on the go:

On average we spent about 30 euros per head per night for accommodation (always private rooms). Plus about 300 euros for 10 days car rental (plus gasoline prices in German), 0.5L beer from the supermarket : Approx. 2,50 € . Beer in a bar: 6 Euro for 0.5 L. Vegetarian food in the restaurant: good and happy around 10 euros.

2. Warning: Shabbat!

If you do not have a lot of time in Israel, try your trip not to lay Shabbat around. All shops and restaurants close, deserted streets, no public transport at the start (from Friday sunset until late at night on Saturday) – There goes about 1 1/2 days nothing.

3. Sit deal with the situation on the ground and history

So you can travel through Israel and reflected much more of understand what you are seeing and experiencing.

4. Hummus, Baby!

We were hooked from day 1. Fresh and homemade from the shop of course the hammer, but it is also a sensational favorable selection in the supermarket.

On average, about 2-3 euros (10-15 shekels) per medium-sized package. And still horny pita bread and there you go.

6 things you should know about every traveller – Part Two

We continue with our tips which every traveller should follow

4. Toilet paper in many countries

I meet plenty of people on the go, the prick out about the fact that you do not dispose of anywhere in the world toilet paper in the toilet. I would almost say there are few countries in which the tubes are so good that it works fine, as those in which the drainage system simply does not follow.

Buzludzha – a must seen place. Learn more at

How fortunate that we Westerners but mostly informed by signs on what to do.

Fun Fact: For me it happens anyway getting back in the first few days that I throw toilet paper into the toilet. Automatisms are hard to break!
5. How does it work with the tip

The running namely is somehow always different in each country. Because it helps, sometimes just read in the travel guide of your choice, such as the local customs are – whether in the restaurant, in a taxi, at the hairdresser etc. I myself come to me always a little stupid when I realize in retrospect that I have left are far too much or far too little on the table. In some countries is much, given little or no tip – often called a “fine line” that exist to deal with the daily business of a traveller!

6. How important is travel insurance

Oops, the aspect I would namely almost forgot this time – and earlier still thought of it a day! Because you never know just simply what happens. Because even I always go on the safe side. A little sloppy but I am currently with my vaccinations, as I know that is not the degree if everything is up to date (Warning : Do not imitate).

The then belongs in the category of “Important Things can grind negligent because too much on the go.”

More about travel insurance I have recently written together by the way here.

6 things you should know about every traveller

I am now jumping on the plane to Nicaragua. If you’re reading this today, I’m already there. Me a few scattered things are shot in the head before departure, which – as I then recognized – are important to me as a traveler. In addition, I still have a few more to came, I simply would like to pass, because I think that everyone should know it. And so I write them down now, in the hope that they will help you!

1. Exchange rate before arrival

To me it’s already happened a few times that in a new country at the ATM I am after arriving at the airport and no idea have what amount in the local currency should I take off – because I just did not know how much 1 euro is even worth. It is smart, you will take precautions and be informed before travel, using the exchange rate. If nowadays also quite easy with a smartphone app, such as XE Currency.
2. In which country can you drink tap water

In many countries an absolute health taboo in many others but absolutely no problem drinking water from the tap. I have eternally long been bought in some countries plastic water bottles just to find out that the tap water is perfectly safe to drink on site.

In Nicaragua, I would not suggest that ;)

When you go out, it would be better if you have thought about cleaning your house first.
3. “Thanks” and “No” in the local language

This time I got lucky: Spanish I’ve more or less it. But I would, for example, fly to Tanzania, I would previously seek out a few key words and phrases and write it down. “Thanks” and “No” are pretty much the two most important, arriving always well received by the locals. Of course, the whole very upgradeable and the more basics are the better.
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